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Your business has a great opportunity to establish your presence, create awareness of your products and services and engender a sense of community. The platform on which to achieve these impressive results is provided free of charge by LinkedIn. All you need to get going is a strategy, a company page and some compelling content. We can help. MicroSoft has bet $260 billion on the platform and there are over 450 million members. It's not going away. You need to be there. We can help.  
Things you already know

You probably already know that the traditional approach to advertising and promotion is on the ropes. These days consumers prefer to make their own decisions about purchases and they increasingly influenced by brands that they know, like and trust. 

What this means for your business

At essence3D we’d advise against establishing a company page to simply post updates about your products of services. Using an online community as a platform to simply spruik your wares may not be in your best interests. Indeed, if you overdo it, it could be counter-productive. 
LinkedIn provides you with the opportunity to establish a Company Page for no charge. This presents your business with the opportunity to make connections, share information, updates and insights and to become known across your wider network. This is primarily an opportunity to build influence and connections through a network of professionals. 

 What essence3D can do for you

We’ll soon be producing a guide on how to set up your own company page if you want to do it yourself. Or you may prefer to take advantage of our introductory company page consultation, which includes creating all the required copy, graphics and a custom background. Contact us to discuss your needs. 
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