Intellectual Property


Double-edged sword

The people with the most valuable insights about your business are those hardest pressed to capture and share that knowledge. Because everybody wants a piece of their time, they have no time to capture, present and share that knowledge with others. 

We find the ways

At essence 3D we find the ways to work with you and your team to realise the value of the insights and expertise of your best and brightest. It's easy to see the value in sharing the best information about products and services, the problem has always been making time to capture that detail and finding the way to produce the information in a format accessible to all. 

A practical example

When an opportunity arises to submit a proposal in response to a Request for Tender don't tie up your best subject matter experts for days on end pecking out paragraphs on a laptop. Concentrate your efforts where they reveal the greatest return; applying expertise to develop a creative solution to your client's requirements. 

With essence 3D on board to help, we'll capture the detail, method and benefits of the solution in white-boarding sessions and through interviews with your solution leaders. Rather than leaving your SMEs to type up documents detailing the solution, we take the details as captured and produce the proposal for you.  We'll define, distil and deliver your solution as a complete proposal. 
Efficient and Prudent

There are many advantages in capturing and managing the Intellectual Property on which your business is built. Effectively sharing your best practices means improving the overall standard and is part of good governance and compliance. To protect the value of your business talk to essence 3D about ways to capture, share and manage your intellectual property. 

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