Posts & Updates


Anyone on LinkedIn can post an update, in a short form post or in the longer form. Both methods allow you to include graphics such as an image in your post but there’s much more you can do. 

Share what?

It can be challenging to determine what information to share with your network, especially if you’ve adopted the prudent approach and are determined to avoid appearing as a carnival barker. A good place to start is to engage in commentary about issues that currently have some prominence in your industry or community. Remember that the idea is to build awareness and influence. 

Richer content for greater engagement

Recognize that people are short on time and may not stop to seek out your message among the thousands of others that they will see that day. Your post needs to make the most of the small opportunity to be seen. At essence3D we employ the principles of visual communication and use rich media to create engaging interesting posts. In fact, we can create posts that include embedded slide-deck content and even video. These methods provide a great way to present more engaging content without crowding out your main message. We're just setting up here. While we get settled in, take a look at some of our tips and hints about posting content to LinkedIn, appearing here from Monday 27 March 2017. 
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