There are many factors that influence how we go about creating a content piece for you. These broadly fall into three categories; our 3D perspective, outlines our approach.  


You would be surprised how many businesses produce documents and reports but never stop to consider why they do the things they do. We work with you to look objectively at the proposed communication to:
  • Consider the purpose of the message, how it is best conveyed and what response is required.
  • Identify the audience and consider the context in which the message will be received.
  • Adopt the user’s perspective when crafting the gist of the message.
  • Clearly present the action required and the means to perform.


Make the most of any opportunity to engage with your audience. The essence 3D approach concentrates the value of your content to maximise engagement with your audience by:
  • Including all that is relevant in concise familiar terms.
  • Identifying and excluding all that is superfluous.
  • Structuring content in a sequence logical to the user.
  • Using rich media and visual communication principles to concentrate the message.


There’s no point issuing edicts or policies in a channel that’s seldom seen. The format, medium and means of access are all important. We make sure the message gets to the right people in the right format by: 
  • Using the right combination of media and platform to ensure ease of access.
  • Supporting interactivity, reviews and access to greater detail.
  • Designing content to suit a variety of devices and playback. 
  • Being mindful of the environment in which content is accessed.
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