Tender Moments


In Decent Proposals...you concentrate on the solution, we'll do the presentation.

When an opportunity arises to submit a proposal in response to a Request for Tender don't tie up your subject matter experts for days on end to document a solution, or worse respond to an entire RFX document. Concentrate effort where it reveals the greatest return – apply your subject matter experts to creating a solution while essence3D works with them to capture the detail, promote the value and document the benefits. 

We'll capture the detail, method and benefits of the solution by working in the most efficient and least intrusive way with your people. The approach may vary depending on the people involved but will typically involve an interview or white-boarding session in which the solution team presents the principal components of the proposed approach. We’ll capture the detail and adopt the customer’s point of view to pose questions where necessary. This method allows us to cover a lot of detail without tying up your solution team. 

We take the details as captured and produce the proposal for you. We employ our methodology to define, distil and deliver your solution as a complete proposal. We’ll check in with the solution team to ensure the veracity and completeness of the solution description but otherwise, we can work with the account team to manage the compilation, completion and submission of your response. 

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