Value Proposition


Shifting focus from the technical qualities of a product or service to adopt the client’s view can be difficult for many specialist firms. Often your own product specialists are not best placed to adopt the client's perspective. This can result in the development of collateral that is heavy on feature description but may miss the mark completely when it comes to noting the benefits for the client, their business and their clients.  You can see that this is all a matter of perspective - and expertise.  


Sometimes your own people can be too specialised, too close to a product or service to see it clearly from another's point of view. We frequently see this with specialists who have a strong focus in a particular area. But it is important to adopt that other perspective, especially your customer's point of view. At esence3D we work with you and your specialists to extend the perspective to embrace the customer's point of view. 

Start by adopting your client's point of view and asking of your product or service, "What's in it for me?" (WIIFM). Often, we find, that adopting the WIIFM approach, prompts us to think more about the benefits of the product or service to the end user rather than the features designed by those behind it. This detail serves as a good starting point to explore further.   

Put it to work

After working to determine the value proposition essence 3D can create a range of collateral and communication pieces on your behalf to suit these particular clients. Our clients in Information and Communication Technologies appreciate our ability to interpret technical details and product-set features to define the benefits enjoyed by the end user. This type of transposition is particularly suited to 'presales' activity such as Sales Playbooks, and internal training materials for account managers. 
into including interactive sales guides and playbooks that present a logical approach to communicating the value in products and services at each stage of the sales cycle. 

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